me, one of my sisters, and our student ^ 🙂

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada because of Victoria Day, so my family went camping in Birch Bay. We have a membership at Beachwood Resort, so we take our trailer there every summer & some long weekends. Our favourite thing to do there is bike around town, get ice-cream and explore so here are some pictures!

Before we got to our campsite, my mom and I stopped at a cute cafe called Just Desserts (on 421 Front St.). Its super cute, a little old fashioned and christian music was playing!

raspberry scone & an apple cinnamon muffin ^

After we set up our trailer, we got on our bikes, rode to the beach, and then all the way back to our campsite which probably took us an hour but it was such a beautiful day and we love exercising under the sun 🙂 This is the icecream shop (on Alderson Road) that we usually go to but it was super busy this time, so we decided to have some snacks in our trailer instead.

Where does your family go camping, or do you have any plans for the summer? Have a lovely week! XO Marley


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