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how to get glowy skin & lots of energy!!

Hello Everybody!

I am really not a coffee person, and I hate pop and sodas, but the one drink I loveee it lemon water! This past week I learned how much water affected my energy and my skin and I wanted to share my discoveries with you haha!


Rebecca xo

I always have a water bottle with me during the day, and about 7 mason jars with lemons in them lying around my room and house so that I am drinking lots of water throughout the day. But this past week I forgot my water bottle at home and I did not drink nearly as much water as I normally do. By the third block (we have 4 blocks at school with a lunch break in the middle) I was soo tired!! I still had to go to choir and I seriously could net keep my eyes open! When I got home my skin was really dry and tight and I felt so sluggish and exhausted. Ever since I have been trying to drink more water, I have been noticing my skin has cleared up and I have had so much energy throughout the day, without caffeine! If you are feeling exhausted by 3pm, it might be because you aren’t drinking enough H2O!

I know water can be extremely boring to drink on it’s own, so I like to add a citrus fruit like lemon or orange to add a bit of tang (mint is also super yummy!!). Adding softer fruits, like strawberries and kiwis are good to add if you are making detox water, but just be sure to take them out after after a few hours because they can get mushy and slimy in your water.

How do you like to get your daily H2O? We would love to know!