Beauty Sleep: How to be a Morning Person

Hello Everybody!

For almost my whole life, I have been very much a morning person. The sun rises right outside my window, so I am awake at 6:15 most mornings… which I have gotten used to and I really enjoy it. I have gotten into a really good routine, of going to bed early-ish, so I am able to wake up and go for a run with my run with my mom before the day starts. There have been many studies that have shown that morning risers are healthier and happier, so today I wanted to share some tips and tricks I have learned from being a morning person.


Rebecca XO

Don’t charge your phone in your room

This one is one that can be very hard to get used to, but I promise that by having your phone charging in the kitchen or another room that is not your bedroom, you will be able to have a better sleep thus helping you have a more pleasant morning. The stimulation from your phone can keep your mind racing when you are trying to wind down for the night. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, I suggest buying a cute alarm clock to wake you up instead.

Drink plenty of water in the morning to get your body going

Before you fall asleep at night, pour yourself a big glass of water with a little slice of lemon in it so you have  it right when you wake up. When we wake up, we often feel groggy and a little grumpy, but by having a glass of water in arms reach after you wake up will give you a little burst of energy and help your body get going.

Let the light in

This tip has definitely helped me rise and shine early! Instead of having big blinds that block out every ray of sunshine, try having some light shutters instead, so that you are able to wake up to the warmth of the sun! I always wake up in a super good mood when I can see the sun shining through my curtains 🙂

Turn your phone to automatic night-shift

About an hour before you plan to fall asleep, turn your iPhone onto night shift. This gives your screen a more of a yellow tone that is easier for your eyes and brain. I have my phone automatically turn to night-shift, so that I don’t forget (resulting in me not being able to fall asleep!) and so that the light on my phone isn’t so stimulating.

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