Hey guys! This past weekend I had my birthday party at the HighStreet Community Room and it was AWESOME! We made flower crowns (there will be a tutorial below) and enjoyed some food and homemade lemonade as we hung out 🙂

Highstreet (our local outdoor mall) has an awesome room that you can reserve by calling them 604-381-3934. It was totally free to rent out but you have to have all the food coming in from the businesses at the mall.


We got these flowers from Confetti Floral and the owner, Kari, was so sweet and even gave us some tips for making our own flower crowns!

I wish I could have taken pictures with all my friends who came!

How to make a flower crown: 

You will need wire cutters or heavy duty scissors, 22 gauge wire (on a spool), floral tape, 24 gauge wire (we preferred this in sticks instead of a spool), hardy greenery (such as box wood, eucalyptus), small flowers (wax flowers, baby’s breath, button mum’s).

If you want a feature flower, you can also get a larger sized flower such as ranuculus or gerbera daisies.

There are several ways to make fresh flower crowns, the ones we made took about one and a half hours to make. One tutorial we got some help from is here.

  1. First, to make the base of the crown, wrap the 22 gauge wire around your head so you can size it, then before you cut it, double the size and add a couple of inches just for good measure. Fold & make a loop at the half way mark and then twist the wires together to make the crown base more sturdy. Once that is finished, you will cover it with the floral tape.
  2. To prepare for the work ahead, cut several long wires into 6-8″ lengths. We also cut the floral tape into 6-8″ lengths to make it easier to work with.
  3. Cut several small stems of the greenery and flower bunches (about 2-3″ each). For the button mums or other larger flowers, you will cut the flower off close to the base of the flower.
  4. Preparation-this is the time consuming part.  For the greenery, trim off the leaves at the bottom inch of the stem.  For the flowers such as wax flower or baby’s breath, do the same thing.  For the button mums and larger flowers, fold one of the wires in half (looks like a bobby pin) and stick it down the top of the flower (where the bloom is) and push the wires through so they come out near the little stem that is left.  Pull it all the way through so the wire is not showing at the top but looks like a wire stem on the bottom of the bloom.  Once all this is completed on enough greens and flowers to go around the crown, you will use the floral tape to wrap each piece.  This makes each piece more flexible to work with and you have more control directing it on the crown base.  It also allows for a clean look and covers any pokey wires.
  5. Map out a pattern beside the crown base on the table. As you can see from the pictures we each did our own patterns.  You can make one larger focal point on the crown or have it all symmetrical.
  6. Pick up the crown base and taking a small bunch of greenery, line it up to just cover the loop.  Attach it to the base with the florist tape. If there is extra wire, you can trim it off and wrap the floral tape to cover the stem.  Take another type of greenery or flower and line it up to just cover the base of the greenery you just attached.  Repeat…repeat…repeat.
  7. Keep in mind that you will run the flowers all in the same direction, creating a train.  Some people start at both ends and meet in the middle, however, I liked the look of the flowers flowing in the same direction.  There is really no wrong way to do this. It is finicky working with the wire and floral tape.

Practice a little first using the floral tape on a few wires.  We bought most of our supplies from Michael’s but did find some floral tape and long wire at one of our dollar stores (Dollarama) in the craft department.

Sorry if this was confusing! There were so many steps and we watched lots of tutorials before we started, but feel free to leave questions for me below! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun with all my friends and I’m so glad we got to celebrate my birthday (even if it was a month late). Does anyone else want to be in the sun at Coachella right now? These flower crowns are killing us! <3

XO Marley


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