Hello Everybody!

Even though the calendar says it is April, and normally we should be seeing little flowers everywhere, it seems it should be October with all the grey, rainy days we have had. The cherry blossom trees have just stared coming out, so hopefully Spring will be on it’s way soon!!

Aside from all the miserable weather we have been having, we are so excited that this weekend is Easter! To me personally, Easter is the most important holiday, it celebrates the death and resurrection of our Savior, and that he died a painful death for us, so that we could have eternal life with Him in Heaven!

This week, I wanted to quickly share with you what jewelry I have been wearing everyday. Marley, Vienna and I bought matching rings a few days ago from Pandora to celebrate our birthdays. Marley’s was last month, Vienna’s is in a few weeks, and mine is at the end of May, so we thought now would be the perfect time to buy them! I have never been a ring kinda girl… But every time I look down at my fingers (especially with a fresh mani!) I can’t help but smile at my new ring!

Rebecca XO



Ring: Pandora

Bracelet: Pandora 

Charms: (Similar ones) Pandora and Persona 

I wanted to start this new thing in my blogposts where I share a high and low from the week. So often, it can seem like bloggers or other influencers on the internet have these wonderful, perfect lives, when in reality, we are just as much human as the next. Let me know if you like these weekly “highs and lows,” and I will keep doing them!

This week’s high:

I got a car!! Wait… Let me rephrase that… My parents got a third family car that would be insured so that I could drive it to help out with all the driving around that comes with having a big family. It has been fun learning to drive a smaller car (I have been learning to drive on a minivan so far!) and I feel like I am the car, and I can fit and squeeze into any little spot with my little car haha
This week’s low:

My phone broke 🙁 It sounds like such a first world problem (and it totally is!) but being a blogger, it is kind of annoying that my phone is always glitching whenever I am trying to upload an Instagram post or edit a picture on VSCO, and logs me out of all my apps! My dad is amazing and trying to fix it, but I am just hoping I won’t have to buy a new one… I am trying really hard to save my money!



Written by Rebecca Siebert

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