Hey guys! I know that I got back from Nepal a month ago now, but I still want to share my pictures because some of you have been asking me to and I want to be able to look back and see my journey! Click here for my post on what I packed.

When we first got to Nepal, we had 1 day and a night in Kathmandu, which we spent packing and looking around our hotel. Then we drove to the airport and waited to get on a plane to Lukla. This plane was for 18 passengers and took around 30 minutes to get to Lukla (a small city that you start the trek in). 

We landed in Lukla at the most DANGEROUS AIRPORT IN THE WORLD and then gathered our bags, met our shirpas (bag carriers) and started our 3 hour trek to Pukding where we stayed the night. It was SO cold and I wore almost all my layers because I didn’t know what to expect! Little did I know that wasn’t even the coldest night…

The next day we got up bright and early (6:30am became our usual) and got dressed to hike for the day. After 5 hours, we got to Namche Bazzaar, bought hot showers and wifi and charged our phones. Namche became our favourite place and we were so glad to have 2 nights there! The second day, we had a “rest” day which meant we went on a steep 3 hour hike up to 3700m to acclimatize then down to stay another night.

Almost everyday was the same. Wake up early, have breakfast, start hiking, see pretty views, stop for lunch & tea and finish hiking then get to our “tea house”, change into warm, play card games clothes and go to bed. I am not saying that I got sick of this, but we did have a pretty strict routine so that we could get to our next tea house before it got dark and colder. There were lots of people that we made friends with, lots of yaks, and dogs followed us around everywhere and we started to name them after chocolate bars 🙂

I also had my 17th birthday on the mountain and our guide got me a deep fried snickers bar! It was very sweet and had to share it with my whole family. Then before we went to bed, my parents bought me a boiled water pack and that night was the BEST sleep I had the whole trip- so warm! 

On the last day before we headed down (in Gorek Shep) we all signed a T shirt and put it up on the wall of the tea house there! (This was the last town before basecamp, which was a 2 hour walk away)

It took us 8 days to climb to basecamp and 3 days down. The whole way down I was wondering how I made it up in one piece! Some parts were very hard and we went slow and steady, while other days we were walking on flat ground or had some ups and downs “Nepali flat” as the locals say.

Then at the end of our trip, we flew back from Lukla to Kathmandu which took an hour and a half because of all the fog coming in. Once we were in Kathmandu, we stayed for 4 more days and had SO much fun exploring the section of the city that we stayed in (Thamel), buying fresh fruit at a bargain, visiting missionaries, and trying all the different cafes! Check out my last post here about where we ate in Kathmandu. Isn’t this garden beautiful?!

Thank you all so much for reading! I know this was a long post, and I don’t mind if you were just here for the pictures but if you have any questions about the trip, comment below or DM us @basicbloggerss on Instagram and I would be happy to hear from you! We have some exciting posts planned for this month so don’t forget to follow along 🙂

XO Marley



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