Day 1
Today was our first day in Bangkok. We were able to tour around the city and learn a bit about Buddhism at the temples that we visited.

Day 2
Today was another chill day to get used to the 40+ degree weather. In the morning we went to church with some of the members of another team from Abbotsford. They had there normal church service and we were able to share for songs, there service is so different than ours and it was so cool to experience. After that we walked back before we got on a flight to Chang Mai. I ate a worm larvae! We got back, drove to the airport and were off to the Agape Home.

Day 3
Today we got to meet the kids at the Agape home which is a home for HIV+ children. These children were so sweet and we loved working with them. We got to do crafts with the 4-6 year olds and then we got to hang out with the babies with were adorable. When the school age kids came home we did candy necklace crafts and played with them until they had to leave. That night we were able to wonder around the night market and get the dead skin eaten off our feet which tickled so much.

Day 4
Today was our second day at the Agape home. Today we were able to do some more grunt work by cleaning the cribs…..twice. We didn’t fully clean them the first time so we had to do it again. After that we were able to sit in on the nannies bible study and share some testimonies. I shared mine and ended up crying because the Holy Spirit was working through me and it touched some the nannies who had tears in their eyes.

Day 5
Today was mostly a travel day. We did not end up doing much when we got to Chang Rai except say our hellos and learn about the bible project there.

Day 6
Today was yard work day! In the morning we had worship and prayer then we were assigned jobs for that morning. I was in the group that scrubbed the staircase and then repainted it black. It was hot and we got sweaty but we were all happy to help around the base. In the evening we were able to hand out bibles to one of the villages which was an amazing experience and the people are so friendly and accepting there.

Day 7
Today we said goodbye to the Ywam base and hello to the remote Akha village in the mountains.We were able to have a noodle breakfast in town with Rob Wiebe who runs the base up there and said our goodbyes. We traveled 3 hours part of it being on a dirt road in the back of a pickup up to the village. That night we were able to have a impromptu church service at the village next door which was super amazing.

Day 8
Today was the day was our first day working in the church in the Akha village. We shared 4 bible stories with 4 crafts all in one day for over 30 children. In the morning we would start with one child clinging on to us and by the end we would have a bunch following us around and jumping on our backs. I loved it so much! We also were able to watch the kids and pastors fish in the stream. That night we were able to bless ur homestay saying thank you , giving gifts, and praying for them.

Day 9
Today was our last day up in the Akha Village. I was so sad to leave all the kids I had grown to love. We were able to share in church which was great to keep the church going after the pastor had just left. On our way down our leaders surprised us with elephant rides which was super fun!

Day 10
Today we were able to have noodles for breakfast with Rob in Chang Rai and then we traveled to Bangkok where we would help Noi at the Ruth Centre the next day.

Day 11
Today was our first day helping Noi. We playing with the slum children and shared bible stories and crafts. Then we went and bought rice, sugar, cooking oil, cooking sauce, fruit, and soap for care packages we would give to the elderly in the slums. We put the packages together and went to hand them out. We also set up tables of glasses for the elderly to try on and find the bast pair for them.

Day 12
Today we were able to have bible study with the grandmas and help cut out fabric for the Dream Project at the Ruth Centre. In the afternoon we were able to hand out more care packages and have another glasses stand.

Day 13
Today was our last day and we were sad. In the morning we got to play with the kids and help them make candy necklaces, then we left to go to the airport.


Written by Vienna

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