Namaste! I got back from Nepal last week and aside from hiking to Mount Everest base-camp, we stayed in the capital, Kathmandu, for a few days. It was super busy in the city and the road rules are SO different than here in Abbotsford! The food however was amazing <3 Here are a few of the places we ate at:

Keventers. This milkshake stand is located just outside Labim mall and the milkshakes are so yummy! I got blueberry flavoured, my mom got mango, my dad got strawberry and my sisters both got chocolate chip mint.

OR2K was sort of a hippie restaurant where you take off your shoes and eat sitting on the floor with short tables. I wish I took more pictures! The ambiance was super relaxed and the vegetarian middle eastern food was amazing.

Friends is a sister company to OR2K and has meat. The Thai beef salad was the best 🙂 Most of my family had the chicken shawarma and said the flavours were to die for.

Himalayan Java Coffee had amazing desserts and milkshakes! If you want somewhere with wifi that has free jars of biscotti on the tables (that was our favourite thing) then this is the place for you. 

There was also a little shop on one of the streets (but they sell them all over town) selling chicken shawarma and it is my new favourite food!! I believe it is from the Middle East and it’s a naan wrap with chicken, french fries and different sauces inside. SO YUMMY

Forest & Plate. Located just above Himalayan Java Coffee, this is an organic salad bar with a rooftop view. If you were following along on Insta stories then you saw lots of pictures from my trip including the gorgeous views! We ordered a chicken platter, veggie platter and a mexican salad. We loved that they grow their own herbs and it smells delicious 🙂

I love trying different foods when I travel! They also have a local dish called dal bhat which is rice with lots of saucy toppings and it was really good but we could not handle it every day (too spicy for me) aha. 

If you ever go to Kathmandu be sure to tell me and I will give you some fun day trip ideas! Also, come back next Tuesday for a travel diary of Nepal & lots more pictures 😉

xx Marley


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