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We are all back from our spring break trips, and as much as we are happy to see each other, we all miss the sun!! Coming back to Vancouver from Hawaii was a bit of a transition… waking up to rain and grey clouds everyday makes me miss the warm Hawaiian weather and palm trees!

I have been craving these smoothie bowls ever since I had one from Wow Wow Lemonade in Kihei. I could eat fruit all day everyday, so these smoothie bowls were like heaven! They had a creamy base of frozen fruit with crunchy granola in the middle, topped off with all kinds of fresh berries and sprinkled coconut.

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Rebecca xo

For the recipe that I have been using to make my own smoothie bowls, I have been using blueberries instead of the traditional acai berries. Blueberries are quite a bit cheaper; just make sure they are frozen instead of fresh.

*before you make this bowl, make sure you put the small dish that you will be using to put your smoothie in in the freezer. This way, the smoothie won’t turn into soup before you eat it 🙂

In a blender:

1 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 frozen banana

1 tbsp honey (optional if you like your bowl to be a bit sweeter)

2-3 tbsp milk of your choice


1/2 banana (fresh)

1/4 cup granola

shredded coconut

any kind of fresh fruit; sliced kiwi, slivered strawberries, handful of berries… the options are endless!

  1. Blend frozen blueberries, frozen banana and honey in the blender until smooth and put in frozen bowl.
  2. Apply your granola on top of your bowl. This way you separate the frozen base and the fresh fruit, so the fruit doesn’t sink into the base.
  3. Enjoy!!

Wow wow Hawaiian Lemonade had the BEST smoothie bowls! ^


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