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Maui Day Trip


One of the highlights of our previous trip to Maui was going on a whale watching tour. I know it sounds super touristy, but believe me, seeing the whales so close is INCREDIBLE!! They are such massive yet graceful creatures, and everybody gets really excited when a whale breaches or shows it’s tail. So this trip, we decided that a tour to see these animals up-close was on our bucket list. We went with the Pride of Maui tours, and we had a fab time! The tour also took us snorkelling into Molokini Crater, where we could see 150 feet down! It was so amazing, because while we were snorkelling, we could hear the whales underwater that we had seen just a few minutes before!

Picking out what swimsuit to wear on this trip was a whole other situation 😉 I have been wearing these high waisted bottoms from Old Navy (similar ones here) a lot of the trip, just because I know that they are well fitted so I dont have to worry about them while I am snorkelling or surfing. I have also been wearing this white scalloped halter top from Target a lot, however I have to make sure I get all the sand out of it before I get out of the water otherwise it starts collecting in some inconvenient places haha!

P.S… these are all pictures I took with my Nikon camera. I use the D3300 with a 18-140mm lens.

Rebecca xo

^^Molokini Crater 

^^As soon as we got into the crater, everything was so clear! We could see all the way to the bottom; almost 160 feet deep!

^^Mom, baby, and dad whale giving us a little wave 🙂

^^what I wore on our little trip