Hey guys! I am in Nepal right now, probably almost to the Everest base camp, and I wanted to share my facemask collection with you today (since I seem to have a slight obsession)…

Most of these masks are either from Sephora or the drugstore but I will try to link them if I can!

  • tee tree oil face mask from The Body Shop
  • egg cream masks from Sephora
  • Origins charcoal facemask from Sephora
  • Freeman avocado oatmeal mask from Superstore
  • Freeman charcoal and black sugar exfoliator from Superstore
  • St. Ives mineral clay mask (I got this from a friend for my birthday)
  • Dr. Jart sheet mask from Sephora
  • a few of the sheet masks I got from my friend from China
  • I also really like Lush face-masks when I go there. I have tried the Cupcake one, Catastrophe Cosmetics, Rosy Cheeks, Cosmetic Warrior and BB Seaweed)

I like clay masks because they really draw out impurities, tighten my skin, and clean my pores. When I am about to take off my mask, I get my fingers wet and massage the mask into my skin a bit to help add minerals from the mask (charcoal masks are my favourite).

Sheet masks are not only fun to put on, but they are hydrating, the even your skin tone, and some even minimize redness & swelling. With the excess “juice” in the package, I like to rub it on my neck and on my face once I take the sheet off and let it soak in and dry.


What is your favourite face mask?? I am always on the look out for more masks and things to try to help my skin stay clear & glowy 🙂

XO Marley


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