Bleach Blonde Hair Care Routine // Updated

Hey guys, if you haven’t notice I am still dyeing my hair blonde which means that I still need to have a more in depth hair routine than I normally would. It has changed a bit from my last hair care routine since I was new to blonde hair and did not know how to keep it up. I have for sure grown in my knowledge of how to keep my hair looking nice and I want to now share it with you!

Products I use:
Colour Endure Violet Shampoo from Joico
Grow Strong fortifying mask from Garner
Moroccan Oil
Sun Care hair and body cleanser from Aveda

Step One: If nothing else get a good purple shampoo. The importance of purple shampoo is to tone your hair from a brassy orange colour to a nice platinum blonde. I would encourage you to splurge a bit on this purchase from my own experience. I first started using a cheap purple shampoo from Walmart and even though it was purple it did not tone my hair at all.

Step Two: Find some good hair masks. Bleach dries your hair out so much, finding a good hair mask will hydrate your hair and keep it from breaking. Find treatments and such that are good for damage control and dry hair. This is a must if you want your hair to look as healthy and possible with the least amount of split ends and frizz.

Step Three: The less heat the better. Since your is very dry from all that bleach one of the worst things from your hair is to start damaging it even more with heat. I have a max of 1 day of heat a week usually the day after I wash my hair. This includes blow dryers as well.

Step Four: Stay away from chlorine as much as possible. Even people that are natural blondes, your hair turns green in chlorine. Normally you will see it on chemically bleached hair though because we may not be used to this problem.

Step Five: Another good tip is to always get your hair done by a professional. They will know the right bleach and the amount of bleach that your hair can take so that it does not break off.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you have a fabulous week. xoxo Vienna

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