Hey guys! Last year around this time I did a post about 3 hairstyles for the airport because lots of people are traveling for Spring Break and it’s not fun to have headaches from tight ponytails when you are trying to sleep on the plane. All of these hairstyles are inspired by pictures I have seen on Pinterest. They are pretty simple and super comfy. Oh and if you didn’t know, my birthday is in 4 days!!

  1. This low messy bun is one of my favs because its so easy & effortless! Simply pull your hair into a ponytail, but before you pull it all the way through leave a tail out. Then wrap the tail around your elastic to hide it (my hair is a bit short for this). I also love to do a dutch braid into the bun to add more pizzazz 😉


  2. 2 dutch french braids. I LOVE this hairstyle because it it so cute whether you want to pancake it or not, and even works with my short hair. Sometimes it is easier when you have wet hair because then all the baby hairs stay in. 
  3. Half up, half down do with a braid. To do this, dutch braid you hair on one side, then add hair in on the other side and secure the hair with an elastic. You can even braid both sides, or put it into a little bun if you want.

Thanks for reading! My family is in Nepal right now on the trek to Everest basecamp… your prayers are appreciated 😉 Haha but I hope when I get back I can share my experience with you all! Follow us on Instagram for more updates


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