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Beauty & Travel Favourites!

Hello Everybody!

I wanted to share some beauty and skincare products that I love bringing with me when I travel! Two weeks ago I was in Mexico for a missions trip (read about our trip here and here) and next week I am going to Hawaii with my family! I loveee everything about travelling (is it weird that I love being at the airport and going on airplanes?) and I am so excited to finish high school and travel until my heart’s content! Since I am only bringing a carry on bag to Hawaii, I have to have self control and really limit myself to the products I bring.


Rebecca xoxo



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  1. Eye masks: These are life savers when travelling!! When I am on a long flight, I make sure I keep an eye mask or two easily accessible in my personal bag. This way, I can just slip it on and everything is nice and dark so I can sleep on the plane. Eye masks can also help get you back into your regular sleep patterns when you get to your destination.
  2. Waterproof Mascara: When I go to Tropical destinations, I am am always prepared with lots of waterproof mascara! I did a bit of research, and this one from maybelline is highly recommended 🙂
  3.  Good Facial Sunscreen: As much as I do love a glowy tan, I try and shield my face and protect my body as best as possible from the sun. I will usually wear big sunglasses, a huge sunhat, and 60 SPF sunscreen! This one from Shiseido is an amazing sunscreen for your face… it protects your skin from the sun and is oil free, so it won’t break you out.
  4. Warm Slippers: I absolutely hate how cold it is on airplanes, and I have to almost unpack my suitcase on the plane to find all my warm clothes to keep me warm on the flight! Having a pair of cozy slippers or fuzzy socks on hand is something I defiantly always bring with me when I am travelling.
  5. Face masks: These ones from Sephora are so fun to do with friends on long flights, and give your skin a little boost of hydration while your are travelling!
  6. Face Wipes: I love bringing some type of wipes with me when I travel. They are so multi-purpose, and you are able to freshen up with them after a flight, or take off your makeup at the end of the day.
  7. Hydrating Lip balm: My friends and I all have this lip balm from Sephora and we all swear by it! I have a friend who has really sensitive lips, and she says this one is by far the best balm she has ever used. I love throwing them in my beach bag, or carry on to give my lips a little boost of hydration during my travels.
  8. Carry on bag: I LOVEE this bag from old navy! I have a similar one is burgundy, and it is the perfect carry-on size, and it has plenty of room for everything you may need! (I put in my huge camera case, my textbooks and a big sweater in mine when I went to Mexico, and I still had room to spare!)
  9. Small makeup brush: I recently got this little makeup brush from Sephora and I am in lovee! It is super dense, and I just use it to apply my concealer and my under eye powder, and the brush itself is no bigger than my finger!