Nose Piercing Care

Hey guys, as most of you know I have a nose piercing; the thing you might not know about it though is that I have had a few problems with it in the past. Luckily I have gotten through them and want to share my tips with you so that you don’t have the same problems as I do. Now just remember that everyone is different so you may end up having different problems as me, the tips I use may not work for you or you don’t have any of these problems.What happens if you get a bump on your nose?

I had this happen right when I got my nose pierced. That was because when I got it pierced I got it with a hoop instead of a stud. This made easier for bacteria to get into the fresh hole. I ended up switching the hoop for a stud and used Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil helps get rid of any infections including acne.

What if my piercing is moving out off my nose?

While this hasn’t happened to me it means that your nose is rejecting the piercing and you should take it out as soon as possible.

What if my nose keeps getting red?

What I have found is the more I touch my nose and play with the piercing the more red it gets. It is just becoming irritated with the constant touching especially if it is new. Jus leave it alone for a few weeks.

How long can I keep my jewellery out?

Not very long. The face heals very fast and in some cases it will take only a few hours for the hole to close. So if you are at a place that doesn’t allow facial piercings a good solution is a clear stud. MAKE SURE IT IS THE RIGHT SIZE!

How come I can’t put my original jewellery in my nose?

I have cement this problem when I do not check the gauge size before sticking the jewellery in my nose. Since this type of piercing heals so quickly if you put in a size to small the hole will heal to that size.

How long should it take to heal?

Since I started with a hoop and my nose didn’t heal right it took mine just less than a year. It will be similar to a ear cartilage piercing, it will not be as short of a recovery as a piercing that is not in cartilage.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this answered some of your questions on nose piercings. Until next time xoxo Vienna!