alma verde

Hello everybody!

If you follow us on our social media (@Basicbloggerss) then you will know that I have been away on a missions trip! Marley and I went for a week down to Casa de Luz, (read Marley’s post here for more pictures of what we did) and had such a wonderful time! And while we did spend most of the time playing with the kids and helping at Casa de Luz, Marley and I did go out for brunch with our dear friend Damaris!

I had such an amazing time in Mexico, and I always go back home with a fresh perspective. It can be so easy (especially as bloggers) to get so caught up in the latest trends, and having the news products of makeup, but that only true happiness and life comes from our faith in Jesus Christ! <3


Rebecca XO

Marley and I got some yummy french toast with fresh berries, and we shared a green detox smoothie.



How cute is our friend Damaris!

Of course, Marley and I had to stop and take pictures of every palm tree we see! Living in Canada, we are surrounded by huge evergreens and maple trees everyday, and seeing palm trees makes us so excited!