What to Pack For Spring Break 2017

We are all getting so excited for our spring break plans so I thought is would be appropriate to share a few of my must have items to bring along. These are all things besides clothes, so don’t worry those are in there too. I hope this helps you for any of your adventures this spring! Thank you so much for reading we love you all so much and a so thankful for your support.Picture of my lovely Horacio Printing Journal

  1. Sunglasses. These are a must, it doesn’t have to be hot to need sunglasses-I have needed mine when we were out in the snow. My favourite place to get cheap, stylish sunglasses is American Eagle Outfitters.
  2. A Good Book/Magazine. Some of my favourite books at the moment are Harry Potter, The Photographer’s Playbook, any fashion magazine. This is great if you have some down time and are bored or when you are traveling to and from places.
  3. A Camera. A great way to saver the memories you make on your trip. I love photography so this is a must for me at least.
  4. Sunscreen. There is sun even if it is cold so don’t forget to protect yourself from those harsh rays.
  5. A Water Bottle. It is really important to stay hydrated in any place you go. The most important place to remember to drink water is in a humid place where it feels like you don’t need to drink that much but really you do.
  6. A Good playlist. At least for me I can’t go anywhere without listening to music. Well maybe not exactly but it sure feels like it. At the moment my favourite songs are: DNA by Lia Marie Johnson, iRobot by Jon Bellion, and Arkansas by Garrett Kato.
  7. Flip flops. You don’t understand how many times I have gone somewhere and forgotten flip flops for the pool or to slip on to go eat. Don’t be like me and remember to bring them on your trip.

Until next time, xoxo Vienna

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