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February is that awkward time between Winter and Spring, because one week it is sunny and there is hope for Spring, and then the next week is snowing non stop! Last week was looking pretty promising that spring was in the air, and I was so excited that the sun was out. I had already begun to shop for some cute spring dresses (I love this one and this one from Urban Outfitters!) but then on Friday it began to snow 🙁 And it hasn’t stopped for 3 days! Now the Lower Mainland has almost a foot of snow and the past four days of school have been cancelled… so I can’t complain:)

Meanwhile, while the weather outside can’t decide what season it is, I have some ideas on things to do during this lovely month of love <3



Bake a Valentines Day Treat

We have a really yummy Valentine’s day recipe here, but we also love to try healthier Valentine’s Day recipes as well. Pinterest is our go-to source of inspiration for cute and healthy treats, and we can’t help but drool over these yogurt dipped strawberries!

Buy your best friend (or yourself!) flowers from a flower stand

There is an adorable tulip stand next to a little tea house about a 10 minute walk from my house. Whenever I have a free afternoon, I love to invite the girls over and we walk down for tea and we always stop and buy some flowers!

Give yourself a red manicure in time for Valentine’s day

I love having my nails done and I feel especially sophisticated with a red mani! I love this one from Essie, and this one from OPI. To spice up my Valentine’s day nails, I love to add a few little pink hearts on an accent nail. (Some inspiration for you here, here, and here!)

Send a friend an unexpected hand written letter in the mail

As much as it is a lovely surprise to received a kind text message from a friend, or a heart-warming email from a loved one saying how much they appreciate you, there is nothing like a good old-fashioned hand written note in the mail. Text messages easily get lost by newer messages, but a sweet letter in the mail is something that will be kept forever.

Find a new hobby that keeps you active

The season of New Years is well over, and it’s easy to loose that “New Year New Me” motivation. Take time this month to discover a new activity that gets your heart going, whether it’s discovering a new hike with your dog, or signing up for a new class at the gym! Whatever gets your heart going and your blood pumping! I have been going to the gym a lot more this year with Marley (and Vienna has started coming with us too!) and we love working out together! 🙂

What special activities are you doing in February? Be sure to follow us on all social media @BasicBloggerss <3




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