7 Trip Ideas

I first want to wish you a Happy New Year’s Eve! Now that Christmas is over and the break is coming to a close it is time to start thinking about spring break trip ideas! I love traveling and I thought that I would help you if you are stuck on where to go in March! These are my top 7 destinations for any trip!

  1. Cali. This is a great place to go if you have little siblings or just want to reminisce about you childhood since this is where Disneyland and Universal Studios are located. There is also great shopping, lots of beaches and hey, you might end up running into someone famous! It is a great place to take a road trip too.
  2. Florida. This is another great place similar to California. There is Sea World and Disney World! They also have great beaches to relax on when you aren’t caught up in all things Disney.
  3. Hawaii. Hawaii is a great place if you want to feel like you are in paradise. There are so many beaches to swim, tan, and snorkel! There are some crazy cool places and awesome photo moments for all you photo fanatics.
  4. Mexico. Mexico is a great place if you want to go to a resort and relax by the ocean. They have great little markets if you want to explore a little and pretty cheap silver jewelry. My favourite place to stay is Zihuatanejo, Mexico.
  5. Cuba. I love going to Cuba, there are lots of historic and colourful buildings surrounding you. A great place to get away from the norms of North America. There are so many cool places to explore!
  6. Haiti. I love Haiti! It is a bit more out there and like Cuba there are not really any 5 star hotels using North America’s standards. I love staying in Jacmel and going to the beaches there. It will be a better experience if you know someone there and arrange outings before hand.
  7. Whistler. This is my favourite place if I do not want to go too far from home. In spring there is still lots of snow so it is a great place to snowboard/ski. There are great views there and some shopping as well.Jacmel, Haiti

Feature Picture: Havana, Cuba