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Acrylic Nails Review

Hey Guys, today I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on acrylic nails. I have only ever gotten them twice so I am for sure not and expert on them but I you are curious keep reading!I have weak nails to start with so I don’t usually get to experience long nails unless they are fake. I have gotten acrylic nails twice and loved it but there are a few things that you have to think about before getting them. I thought I would make it nice and easy with a pros and cons list for you!

They are super cute
You can make them any shape you want
If you don’t like the colour you can paint over them without wrecking them
They will last a long time
They don’t break/fall off easily
Nice if you can’t grow your nails out like me

Will weaken your nails
Are not always practical for everyday things
Don’t always look nice when they grow out
Hurt to take off
The price

I hope this has not turned you off of getting your nails done in the future. A good alternative are Impress press-on nails that you can get at places like Walmart. They are cheap easy to apply and stay on for a couple of days.

Thank you for readying and until next time, xoxo Vienna.

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