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There is 15 days till Christmas, only 1 day left of school before winter break, and I only have 20% of my Christmas shopping done!! Where has the time gone!?

I had volleyball provincials a week and a half ago, so volleyball is finished for the season, and I thought that I would have a lot of time on my hands! But I have never been so busy! I love all the hustle and bustle around the Christmas season, but having a busy schedule means I have to be very organized, and prioritize the important things on my to-do list. One of those things is taking care of myself, and while I do love to go out and buy presents for people all day, and spend time with my friends, I also love to have some “me time,” where I take a few minutes for myself, to relax and re-energize before I go out to another Christmas party!



  1. Get your sweat on!!

I won’t go into all the benefits of exercise right now, but working out on a regular basis has MANY many benefits for your whole body! I love working out a bit more over the holidays, because the hormones that your body produces when you are working out, called endorphins, give you a natural glow and make you feel really happy! I love doing some of these workout 4-6 times a week, especially if I know that I have a few parties coming up.

Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout

Tone It Up Cardio Kickboxing 

Blogilates Total Body Slim Down 

2. Have a spa evening!!

I wish I had enough time on my hands to devote an entire day to pampering myself, but I have a crazy schedule, and I am usually lucky if I have time at night to retouch my chipped nails!

I love face masks from Sephora, because there are so many options to chose from, so you can chose one to fit your skin type and skin conditions. I usually get the Origins Retexturizing mask with Rose Clay (not just because it’s pink!) but because I love how glowy and hydrated it makes my skin, as well as it is a gentle exfoliator and scrubs away any dead skin I may have. I also love all of Sephora’s peel off masks! They are really hydrating, and they are so fun to wear!! For my spa night, I will have a bath with a Christmas bath bomb from lush, do a face mask, and paint my nails.

3. Hydrate & moisturize!

My skin freaks out in the winter, and peels like nobody’s business haha. I notice that if I don’t drink very much water one day, the next morning I will wake up with flaky skin under my eyes and on my nose! I have gotten into the habit of carrying around a water bottle, and filling it up between classes.

I also really love the Clinique Overnight Moisture Surge moisturizer. It has a really light, yet super hydrating formula, which is really nice to wear under makeup. I also love it because the packaging is pink! 😉


Products I mentioned and love over the holidays! (Click on the name of the product, and it will take you to a link where you can buy it!)

Origins face mask 

Sephora peel off masks

Lush Christmas bath bombs

OPI red nail polish

Dior lip gloss

Marc Jacobs Lip Stick

Nars lip liner

Clinique Moisture Surge cream

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