In this day and age almost everyone has expensive taste and it is very hard to find affordable gifts for all your family members. But I have found for you, 7 gifts that I LOVE and they are all under $20. BTW, these are in no particular order. (All gifts are linked on the name).

  1. A festive mug (Starbucks)
  2. Face mask (Lush)
  3. Jewelry tray (Prisma Jewelry)
  4. Holiday tea (Davids Tea)
  5. Sparkly nail polish (Essie)
  6. Seasonal scented candles (Bath and Body Works)
  7. Lip gloss (Sephora)

Comment below when you are celebrating Christmas with your family! I have already had Christmas with my dad’s side (early we know!) and with my mom’s side, we are celebrating Christmas this Saturday 🙂 Then with my immediate family we celebrate on Christmas eve & day. Have a great week everyone!!


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