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Best Products Every Skincare Novice Should Start With//Guest Post with Sophia Smith

If you are a skincare novice or if you have used certain products, but they were not adequate for your skin, we will help you to solve this problem. Although there are thousands of products nowadays, that it doesn’t mean that they should all be a part of your skincare routine. Don’t forget that, very often, less is more.

Find out more about four essential skincare products, their correct use and the effects they have on different skin types.


Every skin care routine must start with a cleanser. This product is used for cleaning all bacteria, oil and makeup from your skin. This step is extremely important because if you skip it, all the next steps will have weaker effects. Owing to it your face will look fresh and clean.

unnamed However, you have to pay attention to two things. First, don’t overuse it. No matter how soothing they are for your skin, too much use can lead to skin irritation.  Second, don’t forget to check whether a certain cleanser is suitable for your skin or not. If your skin is oily you will need more cleansing than in case of dry skin and oil-free cleansers are the best option for you. On the other hand if your skin is dry, try avoiding all foam based cleansers, which contain ingredients like sulphate. If you have dry skin, we would recommend you try a sulphate-free cleanser, such as the Fountain Cleansing Gel.


The second essential step is moisturizing. No matter whether your skin type is dry, oily, the combination of these, sensitive or normal you need to hydrate it, especially during the winter when the air is dry, and the cold and harsh winds damage your skin. Since dry skin ages faster, you have to keep it moisturised, especially after cleansing, when all the natural oil is removed.unnamed-4Although a moisturiser is good for all skin types, there are some moisturisers which are more suitable for certain skin types. Thus, if your skin is oily, you should use oil-free cosmetics, including an oil-free moisturiser which won’t block your pores, and the effects will be amazing. Your skin will be smooth, soft and visibly younger.


Choosing a suitable foundation is a very important job, since its task is not only to provide coverage, flawless complexion, but also to protect skin and some of them even come with built-in skincare. For this reason it is important to emphasise that not every foundation is suitable for every skin type.unnamed-3Moisturising liquid foundations are suitable for normal and dry skin because they hydrate it. However, women with oily skin shouldn’t use them, because they can make their skin look even oilier. What can help them are the oil-free foundation and powder foundation that help reduce all the shine.  

Face Mask

A face mask is an extra step you may take in the skincare routine since they can be used for all skin types. They can exfoliate, clean and additionally hydrate your skin, especially if it’s dry. However, if the skin is oily, masks with natural ingredients will remove the excess oils and clear acne as well.  Owing to a face mask your pores will be unclogged and your skin tone will be improved. Another important thing is that a face mask helps other skin products work much faster and this is certainly the reason why it is a must-have product in your collection.unnamed-1As you can see, whether you are a novice or an experienced skincare products user, you don’t have to resort to any drastic actions to make your skin fresh and beautiful. This is a minimalist approach that can greatly benefit your skin, since less is truly more.

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about organic skincare and healthy lifestyle. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is style editor at High Style Life.

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