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Hello Everybody!

One month until Christmas!! (am I the only one who still feels like it was just summer!?) The Christmas festivities have been in full swing in my house for a few weeks now. My little brother has been playing Christmas music on the piano non-stop (I am woken up every morning to the Charlie Brown Christmas Song haha)

I am such a sucker for Christmas baking! I get my sweet tooth from my mum, and just like her, I could totally skip the chips and savory foods and dive right into the dessert buffet 🙂 I have such a hard time restricting myself when it comes to any baking at Christmas parties! (Especially any kind of baking with heaps of chocolate!)  My mum and I made this recipe last week for two Christmas parties, and by far this was the most popular dessert! I love how pretty it looks, especially if you swirl the dark and white chocolates together. Plus, this recipe takes max 10 minutes to make!! Let me know what are your favourite Christmas baking recipes are in the comments below, because I am always on the hunt for a new dessert!

Enjoy!  XO

what you will need:

1 cup milk chocolate chips

1 cup white chocolate chips

2-3 large cans canes crushed

  1. Begin by melting the milk chocolate chips in the microwave on medium power (it is really important that it is on medium power, because on full power you will burn the chocolate!) for 30 seconds. After each 30 seconds, take out the chocolate, stir it, and put it in for another 30 seconds (on medium power!) Repeat until the chocolate is melted.
  2. Spread the melted milk chocolate evenly on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.
  3. Also melt the white chocolate just like you did with the milk chocolate, and pour the white chocolate over the milk chocolate.
  4. sprinkle on the crushed up candy canes while the chocolate is still warm, so that the candy canes will stick.
  5. cool the chocolate in the fridge until it has hardened, then you can just break the bark into bite sized chunks!



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