Hey guys, it is coming close to Christmas (36 days) which means the start of Christmas content! Today I wanted to share with you a way to revamp your old ornaments in to new super cute ones without paying and arm and a leg for them. I really love the way these turned out and I hope that you like them too.

What you need:

hot glue gun
twine or rope
old or cheap Christmas ornaments

dsc_0568Step One:

Make sure that you have your rope ready to go when you are warming up the glue gun so that the glue does not cool down before you get the rope on. Also make sure to make the glue as thin as possible so that it doesn’t show through.

Step Two:

Slowly wrap the rope around the ornament placing glue every few inches. This might take a while depending on how big your ornaments are.

Step Three:

Add glitter or any other things on top of the rope if you want to.dsc_0567


Written by Vienna