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I have been getting a lot of compliments and questions about my hair recently, and so I wanted to let you guys in on some of the secrets that I have discovered on how I achieve healthy, soft hair! I got 5 ish inches cut off about 3 months ago, and I have been loving having the shorter hair! As much as I do love having long, thick hair, having shorter hair is so much easier to wash and style. I have a few tips and tricks on how I maintain a healthy shine to my hair, and how I get these curls that I am so obsessed with right now!

As well, just a disclaimer, I have curly/wavy, dry, textured hair, and the length of my hair is about 4 inches longer than my shoulders. So, after much trial and error, I have found that these techniques and products work well for me and my hair type. And just because they work for me, does not mean that they will work for everybody, so just experiment with different products and methods, and I promise you will find a style you like!

enjoy!! xo


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These are the products that I use in the shower. I have ‘trained’ my hair to go max. 5 days without being washed (don’t worry peeps, I still wash my body every day haha). Like I said before, I have very dry hair (thanks mum :)) and so my hair can handle going this long before it needs a wash. Of course, if I am working out a lot or have a volleyball tournament, I will was my hair more frequently. The less you can wash your hair, the better, just because when you wash it, you are stripping it of it’s natural oils, and you are saturating you hair with chemicals.

Coconut oil



Deep Conditioner

Argan Oil

About 10 minutes before I hop into the shower, I will just lather the ends of my hair in coconut oil. This just helps the ends of my hair stay really nourished, especially since I have very dry hair. As soon as I hop in the shower, I will put the shampoo in my hair and really massage it into my scalp. I also put some shampoo on the ends of my hair to wash out any coconut oil. (Be sure not to put any coconut oil on your scalp! It will make it SOO greasy!!) I make sure I get out all the coconut oil, and then after rinsing out the shampoo, I will apply a deep conditioner. I apply it mainly to my ends, and then work my way up to my scalp. I will leave in the deep conditioner while I shave my legs or wash my face, just so the deep conditioner can really soak into my hair. I then rinse it out and often I will follow up with a regular conditioner, because I absolutely love the feeling of having really soft hair.

To get my everyday no heat curls, I will let my hair air dry until its about 80% dry, then I will follow up with some argan oil. After that, I simply twist my hair into a twisted top knot, and go to sleep! In the morning I will have lovely curls that I love wearing in a low ponytail with a few pieces of hair pulled out to frame my face! When ever I am home, I will always put my hair in a twisted top knot, just so that the curls will stay bouncy and full.


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