9 Rainy Day Must-Haves

Lately around where we live it has become very rainy. As we live in the Wet Coast (west coast), this is no surprise in the fall. I wanted to share with you my rainy day must-haves, since these are what I live in/cuddle up with until summer!

  1. dsc_0790A cute raincoat.-Since it rains quite a bit here I like finding a jacket that is both functional and cute.
  2. dsc_0795Fashionable but waterproof shortie boots.-These are great if you need to be inside and outside a lot in one day, then you don’t have to change your shoes all the time!
  3. dsc_0804A tall pair of rubber boots.-These are great for when you are going to the pumpkin patch, the corn maze or anything outside on a farm.
  4. dsc_0792An Umbrella.-I don’t use these very often, I normally just where my jacket but if you are walking with something that can’t get wet or you don’t want to wreck your hair with a hood umbrellas are great.
  5. Warm socks and extra socks.If my feet are cold I am cold so warm socks are always great and then bring an extra pair if yours end up getting wet.
  6. dsc_0796Fuzzy sweater that fits under your raincoat.A lot of the time when it is raining it is also cold to a nice sweater or turtleneck is great.
  7. dsc_0805Netflix/A good movie or a book. A great way to cuddle up and stay warm if you have nowhere to go.
  8. Candles.-They bring in the coziness on a gloomy day.
  9. A cup of tea.-This is always a must when sitting at my desk or reading or watching a movie to feel warm and makes me happy.


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