Forever21 Try on Haul

Good morning friends! Last weekend I went shopping at the Seattle Outlets and went to one of my favourite stores- Forever21. Not only is there a very wide variety of styles, the prices are very reasonable and they often have sales! An affordable clothing haul has been requested recently, so I thought I would share this with you! *Keep in mind that all prices are American, as I haven’t totaled it in Canadian*

I got this black t-shirt bodysuit because I have been loving bodysuits lately! This is the 3rd one I have, and I like them because they don’t create lumps when you want to tuck in your shirt. I believe this one was just over $10. I also got this cream scarf and a black one that were BOGO so they were only $1.50 each!


Here is the black scarf I got and I am also loving this striped long sleeve shirt; it was less than $10 American! It is not very thick so it’s perfect for those fall days when the sun is out but you want to look fall-y, if you know what I mean 🙂


If you couldn’t tell already, I love scarves! So I also got this pink one to add some colour to my look. This one was not on sale so it was a bit more expensive, I think $9, but I couldn’t resist!


Here is my staple olive green skirt in this look and it was only $15.90. Corduroy skirts are very seasonal right now and I love dressing them up or down. You can also wear black tights underneath if you get cold easily.



I also got this cute floralish gold necklace, and it cost around $5.


I hoped you liked this post! Comment below if you want to see more clothing hauls, and be sure to watch our latest vlog here 🙂 xoxo Marley