Hey guys! I was looking around for a blog post idea for this week and really wanted to share a clothing haul with you, but its pouring rain and the power is flickering so instead I bring you a “What’s in my Purse”.


Right now being fall, I of course have my chap-stick (Burts Bees), Lip-gloss/Perfume from American Eagle and lotion (EOS).  Since it is also cold season, I have a cute mini bottle of hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. I have my wallet of course, and a compact mirror from Sephora. I make sure to keep oil blotting sheets in my purse at all times for when my face has excess oil; these ones from Elf are so good! I also have my favourite dainty necklace and a statement ring for when I am running late and forget to put jewelry on 🙂 Sometimes I keep floss in my bag…just in case. Pens are a must to keep with me and someone always needs one so I carry 2 🙂 I also carry sockettes for when I go shoe shopping. And it would be rare to find me without a hair elastic in my pocket or around my wrist!

Sometimes I also keep a hair comb and a tissue to clean my glasses in my bag as well.  Depending on my mood, I may even have a mini nail polish stashed in here…


I hope you liked this weeks post and be sure to comment below or on Instagram what you cant leave the house without! Have a fabulous week friends 🙂


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