Hey guys! I am loving fall so far (besides the rain) because of the tea, fires and fall scented candles!! I found this DIY on Pinterest the other day and I thought that I would try it out and share it with you all, because who doesn’t love a warm candle smelling up their room? 😉 My inspiration for this post was from SheKnows.



You will need:

  • unscented white/ivory votive candles
  • small containers to make candle in
  • non-toxic crayons
  • essential oils (BBW, Body Shop or Saje)
  • glass measuring cup with pour spout
  • chopsticks/clothes pins
  • saucepan/pot (We used a double broiler)
  • a silicon spatula
  • a stove

Firstly, clean the glass containers with dish soapy water and let them dry.

Place some wax paper by your stove to put the candles on while they solidify.

Remove the wicks from the votives by pulling them carefully out the bottom, and making sure that they are still attached to the metal holder.

Next, cut up the votives (without the wick) using a large and sharp knife Measure about 2x the amount of wax you will need to fill your container (if the container you are making a candle in is 1/2 cup, you need 1 cup of wax).

Prepare the double broiler (in my case) on medium heat. Place the wax pieces in the top compartment and stir with the silicon spatula.


Once the pieces are all melted, add some colour by cutting & putting in 1 cm of a crayon. If you want a darker colour, add more crayon. BTW the colour does fade a little once the candle has cooled.


Then put the wick in your jar and put a clothespin on to hold it in place. Make sure you have at least 1 cm of the wick above the top of the jar (otherwise you may lose your wick under the wax).

If you want a scented candle, add 10 drops of essential oil into the glass measuring cup.

Slowly pour the melted wax into the glass cup (mix in the scent well) then poor into your containers, being careful that the wick stays centered. You may need to tap the bottom of the container to get the bubbles out and prevent sink holes.

Once mine dried, the wax sank down in the middle a bit and I had to melt more wax & do the steps again to refill my jar.


I hope you liked this post! DIYs are so fun yet time consuming so comment down below if you want to see more 🙂 These candles make great gifts or decor. We even tried it in a gourd and it was very seasonal! Add us on Snapchat @basicbloggerss to see more!


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