Hey friends, I hope it is alright that I call you that, today I wanted to share a few ways that I get into the fall vibes. Feel that warm fuzzy feeling and be able to cozy up to read some books. I am pretty sure that this is one of my favourite seasons to get into because I love my tea and netflix binges. Be sure to try some of these ideas out to get into the fall vibes yourself if you haven’t yet! Also keep reading till the end to see a super easy DIYs to revamp some of your old fall decor.dsc_0767 In the fall  I like to switch out all the pictures that are summery to some with fall colours and or course leaves.   dsc_0773 Changing up your screensavers on your computer and phone are a great way to get into the fall feels. I love white and have a white room so I chose a picture of white pumpkins. A great place to find cute screensaver is on Pinterest.dsc_0772dsc_0774 I like to place little pumpkins and fake leaves around my room to add some plant like decoration in my room. These are decorations that I found at the dollar store a then DIY’ed to match my room colours.

dsc_0771 For the first diy, I did this a few years ago. and I think it makes the cutest candle holder for fall.

What you need:
Spray paint
Letter stickers
A jar

What to do:

I looked up some cute quotes for fall on the internet. Then I stuck the stickers on the jar the way that I thought looked the cutest for the quote and spray painted the jar. It will  take a few coats but looks really cute in the end.


What you need:
Fake mini pumpkins
Spray paint

For the second diy all I did was spray paint my mini pumpkins with copper spray paint because  I wasn’t super happy with the orange colour. On one of the pumpkins I did and ombre effect by just spraying the top. Then with the other ones I spayed the whole thing. I thing this is a cute way to have pumpkins but still match the colours of your room.

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