Hey guys, and happy Tuesday! This week, I wanted to share with you “How NOT to be Late for School”. I am always running late for things and my family always reminds me of that. But I started looking for things to help me get out the door on time! Here are a few things I do:

  • set an alarm on your phone then place it across the room– this way you actually have to get up to turn it off!
  • pick out outfit the night before– this always saves me TONS of time because this way, I won’t try on 1,000 different shirts in the morning #firstworldproblem 😉
  • breakfast on the go– instead of taking time to get food ready and eat it, take breakfast with you! (NEVER skip it though!) Here are a few of my favourite & quick recipes.
  • playlist with time to get ready– have a few songs maybe totaling to 45 minutes (or however long it takes you to get ready). Play it each morning as a ‘count down list’, so you know what song you should be out the door at.
  • have your makeup all laid out and ready– I always have all my makeup products laid out on my bathroom counter the night before to ensure that I don’t forget anything and it saves me time!
  • put dry shampoo in the night before – this way, it will work into your hair while you sleep and when you wake up you will have non-greasy & voluminous locks.



I hope you liked this week’s tips! Be sure to come back on Thursday for Rebecca’s post.

xx Marley


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