How to Stay Fit in the Fall

Hello Everybody!

So today I’ll be talking fitness! I know how hard it can be to stay motivated to exercise in the fall! It not as easy to wake up early and go for a run in the mornings, because it feels like the sun doesn’t rise until lunch time haha. But I believe that being active is just as important for your mental health as well as your physical health. Hopefully some of these tips and tricks can help you stay inspired to work out, and as soon as you find a form of exercise that you enjoy, it won’t feel like a chore anymore 🙂


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I always love to have a cute go-to workout hairstyle. This is just a Dutch braid (inverted french braid) into a messy bun. I love to wear this when I am running, doing ballet, or playing volleyball! If you don’t know how to do a Dutch braid, here is a good tutorial to watch! (Skip to 2:30 for the tutorial)

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I really enjoy doing cardio workouts, like volleyball and running, but stretching and yoga are also some low-impact workouts I love to do. When you do yoga, you improve your flexibility which decreases the amount of stress you apply to your joints and muscles when you are doing harder workouts, giving you the ability to use the muscles to their fullest capacity, making it a more effective workout.

I have recently fallen in loveeee with ballet as well! I love how graceful and elegant ballet is, and by doing ballet, you are sculpting long, lean, tones muscles. Mary Helen Bowers has a Youtube channel called Ballet Beautiful where she leads you through simple, but extremely effective workouts. In ballet, you are doing many reps of small movements that burn fat and elongate your muscles.

Another workout I love doing is POP Pilates with Cassey Ho. She also has a Pilates Youtube channel, and I really love her videos and have been doing them for years! Pilates is great for burning fat and toning, and Cassey’s videos make working out so fun, I always look forward to it!

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The last workout I really enjoy doing is walking with my mom! We have a route that we do every time, and we run for the first 5 minutes, and then as soon as we get to the bottom of this huge hill, we stop running, and POWER WALK up that hill haha. The route is about 30 minutes if we are walking at a fast pace. After the walk, I then will do a ballet abs video or a Pilates arms video.

I normally workout every day, whether it’s walking and doing the videos, or volleyball. I love doing all these activities and working out is something I really enjoy doing, and I hope these tips can help you discover a workout you enjoy doing!

Thanks so much for reading!! xo