Today we have partnered with our local mall, Sevenoaks, to show you the latest summer trends and some delicious treats to cool you down.

Summer has started and we couldn’t be more excited to pull out this summer’s latest trends and snack on our favourite treats to cool us off!

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Some of the biggest trends that we are going to try this summer are:

  • Off the shoulder tops (American Eagle)

They are a chic and help make an outfit more enchanting while showing a little skin.

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Sevenoaks mall & headshots 050

  • Strappy sandals (Aldo)

Sometimes they might be annoying to tie up but they are so cute and definitely worth the effort!

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Sevenoaks mall & headshots 037

  • Bodysuits (Garage)

No more problems tucking your shirts into your shorts without it looking bunchy, just wear a bodysuit!

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  • Comfy dresses (Garage and American Eagle)

Something easy to pull on when you are feeling lazy or just want to feel super comfortable all day long. Just add a necklace or denim jacket and you are good to go!

         Sevenoaks mall & headshots 084


  • Statement purses (Aldo)

Great for when you are wearing a basic dress or if you are going for the mixed pattern trend happening this summer.

Sevenoaks mall & headshots 015

  • Pops of colour (Shoppers’ Drug Mart and Aldo)

Nails, shoes or a purse are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit without going too extravagant.

Sevenoaks mall & headshots 099


Our favourite ways to stay cool:

  • Grab a starbucks

We grabbed the secret menu colour drinks!

#Purpledrink- Iced Passion Tango Tea, substitute the water for soy milk, add vanilla syrup and blackberries.

#Pinkdrink- Strawberry Acai or Berry Hibiscus refresher, substitute water for coconut milk.

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  • Purdys ice cream 

Our favourite flavours are Mint Chocolate Chip and Espresso Flake

Sevenoaks mall & headshots 090


  • David’s Tea

They have the cutest travel mugs and cups for all seasons. They also have a new collection of iced teas perfect for the summer! Our favourite summer drink choices are Goji Green and Electric Lemonade. We especially love the mugs that can do hot AND cold tea!

Sevenoaks mall & headshots 005

Sevenoaks mall & headshots 012

Thank you so much for reading! Love you all and see you next Tuesday 🙂 Marley


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