A few months back Marley posted who her favourite youtubers were. I love youtube almost as much as she does so I thought I would share some of my favourite youtubers.

  1. Clevver News/Style. They always have the latest hollywood gossip if I am in that kind of mood. On Clevver style they are always trying crazy products. photo
  2. Fine Brothers Entertainment. This is a channel where they react to different things that have gone viral. It is really funny seeing the different reactions of different people.fbe-avatar-2014_v2
  3. Michelle Phan. She is an amazing makeup artist who always has great hacks and techniques to better your makeup skills.michelle-phan-book-cover
  4. Awesomeness TV. They always have great new, and funny content from skits to fashion advice.awesomenesstv
  5. Aspyn Ovard. She is so beautiful/goals. I love her content-her ideas to spice up your room and her hack videos.lulus-1-8-1600x1067

photoI hope that you liked this and check out there channels. While you are at it check out our channel too @/basicbloggerss!We are so excited for next month, we have a bunch of surprises planned! Until next time xoxo, Vienna.



Written by Vienna

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