Fruit Infused Water for Summer

Hello friends! How are you all?

Lately I have been LOVING detox water and I bring it to school everyday to stay hydrated. But a few days ago I was on Pinterest (when am I not?) and I found some fruit infused waters that I decided to try and make a few up on my way.

I recommend putting the jars in the fridge for the fruits to infuse overnight for the best flavour.

You will need:

To make any of these, simply fill the jar with water, place your fruit in and then add ice! I find these nice and detoxifying and I love adding natural flavour to my water.

Raspberry Mint

Cucumber Lemon Currant

Blueberry Lime

Strawberry Basil

Strawberry Lemon Ginger 

Orange Kiwi Rhubarb

Thank you so much for reading! Comment below telling me what your favourite fruit combination is and be sure to tag us when you recreate these delicious drinks 🙂