AHHHH It’s June tomorrow! Summer is literally around the corner and school is ending but hang it there friends we can finish strong 😉 Here are a few of my favourites from the past month.

PS its Rebecca’s from @sincerelybff birthday so comment on her latest pic!!

❧ Les mois de l'année ❧:

  • Aldo strappy flats
  • eyebrow razor- this is a super handy device that you can use to do your eyebrows by yourself!
  • Davids tea mug 
  • eyelash curler (no idea where it’s from sorry!) 
  • Retrica (app)
  • Nike Sports bra 
  • Essie nailpolish 
  • Covergirl mascara 
  • Lipgloss/Perfume from American Eagle 
  • floral journal from Indigo

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xx Marley



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