Most bloggers are older than high school (I think), so they have jobs, maybe families, with more flexible schedules. I however, am in school several hours each day, activities after school, homework most nights and do not have a job; this leaves me poor and busy. Anyway, my point is- I cannot afford those stylish and high-end brands like Aritzia or even Urban Outfitters, so here are the places that I mostly shop at.

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My list of affordable places to shop 🙂

  • H&M– they always have a wide variety of clothing and I absolutely love their patterented jumpsuits/rompers
  • Old Navy– this place used to be only for 6 year olds or 50 year old women but now they have lots of cute items for teenagers and young adults! I especially love their shoes and sundresses
  • Garage– love their jeans! They have sales and money back savings cards regularly
  • American Eagle– I usually head straight to the sale rack here tbh but I love
  • Forever 21– affordable and cute. I think yes! I get almost all of my jewelry here, but I love the styles
  • Lush– smells amazing and draws me right in 🙂 I love their face masks and trying new bath bombs
  • Brandy Melville– they have super comfy clothes that are reasonably priced, the only thing is that some materials get holes easily

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