Hair Upkeep(artificial blonde)

IMG_1040Hey guys, today I want to share with you my tips to keep dyed blonde hair looking nice. My journey with blonde hair started just less than an year ago so my tips might not be perfect or what you are looking for but these have helped me keep my hair looking healthy and bright.

Tip No. 1- always use purple shampoo. If you are not a natural blonde your hair will slowly become orange because it wants to lift your natural colour back out again. So if you want to keep that nice bright yellow/white blonde colour use purple shampoo.

Tip No. 2-don’t use a lot of heat. You hair is most likely really dry and damaged already from belching it because when you bleach it it takes all the natural oils out. So when you use a lot of heat it will just lead to lots of split ends and breakage. So maybe it you really love using heat limit it to once a week.

Tip No. 3-be carful around chlorine. If you din’t have they right products for your hair for chlorine it can become green from the chemicals. When I first dyed my hair I didn’t know that and my hair started to turn green.

Tip No. 4-use hair oils or hair masks regularly. This will help to make your hair shiny and deathly instead of dry looking hair. It will also help in the future if you want to dye your hair any other colour.


I hope that these tips helped you or gave you some new information for the future. I would always love to here some tips that you have found out if you have ever dyed your hair blonde. Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to check out our social media pages: @basicbloggerss on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Until next time, xoxo Vienna