8 Great Hikes

Hey guys I hope that you all had a fabulous week. I love hiking. It is probably one of my favourite activities to do in spring and summer. It is great exercise and it is so cool seeing all the beautiful things that God has created.I want to share my love for hiking with you and share 8 awesome hikes that I have enjoyed.

1.Mt. Tom-chilliwackIMG_6062
This is a really nice hike with not to many steep parts. It is a but longer but is great to do with friends or family. There are a few different path you can take during the hike if you want to keep hiking or do the same place another time. I love this one and it has a beautiful view, but what hike doesn’t.
2.Grouse Grind-Grouse Mt.IMG_1055
This one was a tough one. The whole hike is a bunch of stairs. Once you get up to the top there are cool thing to do like watch bird shows or watch the grizzly bears. Don’t worry they are in an inclosed habitat. There is also a lodge up there since half the year it is a ski hill if you don’t feel like bringing a lunch up there. I defiantly worked up a sweat and my legs were burning by the end. If you are not into all that hard work you can pay $40 to ride up the gondola. It also has a beautiful view of Vancouver once you get to the top.
3.Stawamus Chief-SquamishIMG_3151
This has one of the best views I have ever seen. The water below is so blue  when you get up to the top it is a beautiful view. This hike splits into 3 different sections that are different difficulty levels. Once we got up to the top there were a bunch of chipmunks that ran everywhere. If you go on an overcast day you might break out into a light sweat but it is not a tiring as the Grouse Grind.
4.Abby grind-Abbotsford
This hike I found was a lot of up hill with no breaks. It was a great workout and I defiantly worked up a good sweat on this one. The view from the top is the farmland in Abbotsford. This is a peaceful hike and it is a good one to do with friends.
5.St. Mark Summit-CypressIMG_6118

6.Lost Lake-Whistler
-While our family was at a campground in whistler we heard of this hike that went to a lake that we could swim in. We decided that it would be a good I deal to bike there instead, not the best idea we ever had. There are some really steep sections if you start out by the camp ground. It is a really pretty lake even though it is really cold. It was really refreshing since we went on such a hot day.
7.Margaret Falls- South ShuswapIMG_5888 IMG_5882
This one was not as much of a hike as it was a nice walk to a waterfall. We had planned to go on a hike that was near this waterfall but since we were not familiar with the area we stopped off at this walk instead. It was very pretty but very short.
8. My. Baldy-South ShuswapIMG_5908
This is the hike that we were going to do in #7. Instead we did it another day. It was a really nice even circle that had barely any ups and downs. There were some cool side trials that we followed that lead to some really pretty waterfalls and cliffs. This one is nice to do when it is warmer out since it is really shaded from the trees.

I hope you enjoyed this and have some new hikes to try this year. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media @/basicbloggerss. Until next time xoxo Vienna.