Mexico Missions Trip

If you follow us on Instagram @basicbloggerss or read last weeks post, you would know that I just got back from Mexico. You might be thinking about how jealous you are because there is sun in Mexico and I was relaxing-but that is not the case. 
It was sunny but since its only February it was around 25° every day. This was my 3rd missions trip to Mexico. I have also been to Ethiopia, Haiti and Thailand on missions- My family LOVES to travel!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what we did there and my experiences on this missions trip.

One of my highlights is: the kids recognized me and showered me in hugs and showed so much love and appreciation for my team. I felt like this trip I really connected with the kids and got to know all 60+ of them.

What I learned: My team created hampers full of food and necessities for living (toilet paper, soap etc.) and we got to drop them off at the single moms’ homes, pray for them and see how they lived. From the daycare we helped at all week, to some of the homes was like a 15 minute drive up and down hills. These single moms have to walk with their kids to the Casa de Luz daycare everyday!! And they were so happy and excited to come and play with us.

This impacted me because I live right by my school. Probably a 5 minute walk on flat ground; and I especially hate the rain. But these families were walking triple that and up hills in the heat! I almost cried at how ridiculous I am about complaining about walking to school everyday. These kids never complain and never have a frown on their face. I took a lesson from these little kids and am now trying to not complain EVER. Trust me its hard…


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