Valentine DIY <3

DSC_0054Hey friends, I’m back!!!!!!! I am so sorry that I  didn’t post last weekend. I had a cute post lined up and I was editing the video for it when my computer started crashing. Everything is good now so that post will hopefully be up in the future. Today I thought that it would be fun to share a cute diy for valentines day since it is right around the corner. It is super simple as all of my diy’s are since I am not much of a crafty person. I thought that is could be a fun, cute way to decorate your room for Valentines day. Don’t worry if you are someone who doesn’t like all that pink frilly decor in your house because neither am I so you can breathe a sigh of relief for this diy. I hope that you enjoy it and try them out for yourself. I if you do we would love to see you post some picture of them using the hashtag #basicbloggerss. Now to the awesome diy!!!

DSC_0042What I used:
-3 glass candle holders
-3 tea lights
-bottle of glitter
-thin twine or rope
-paint pens

These are some really cute candle holders and you can decorate them however you want these are just 3 ideas you can use when decorating them.

Idea #1-Glitter HolderDSC_0045
With this one my first idea was to use different colours of sand and label them but I didn’t have that laying around my house so I decided to use glitter. I thought I could replicate the sand idea using glitter but then I realized that I would need to use a lot of glitter that I might not be able to use again since they would mix together. I settled for filling one of the cable holders just over half way full with gold glitter to match the white and gold theme that I was planning.

Idea #2-Rope WrapDSC_0051
I love the look of this one. I think that it has somewhat of a rustic feel to it. It does take a lot of rope so I would suggest waiting until the end to cut the rope. When securing it at the end make sure to hold it tight because the first few times I didn’t do that and it kept falling off the bottom. This one was super simple since you are just wrapping rope around the candle holder.

Idea #3-Draw Your OwnDSC_0052
I like this one since it can be personalized to whatever you want. If you don’t know what to draw Pinterest is a great place get ideas. Just remember that what you write on one side will be seen backwards on the other side. This one is probably the most valentinesy candle holder out of all the ones that I made but they look super cute and festive when you put them all together. I finished all of them off with a pink tea light.

I hope that you like them and they got your ideas flowing. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin’, and Twitter @/basicbloggerss.
Until next week xoxo Vienna!