I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE to paint my nails! I do it when I’m stressed, for fun, when I am procrastinating and I just like trying out new colours. Today I will share my favourite dark (wintery) nail polishes with you.winter nail colours 032


winter nail colours 035


#1 Coco and Lulu-Eiffel Tower. I think I got this bottle as a gift so I have no idea where it is from; but it is definitely one of my favourites. At first I was a bit eery because of the colour but now I wear it all the time. It is sort of a dark greeny colour with a shine.

winter nail colours 029

This book, Fifteen Minutes, by Karen Kingsbury was one of my favourite books last year. It is about a talented young adult who tries out for a TV show (called Fifteen Minutes) and keeps going on to the different rounds as he becomes more famous. The problem is that he is a Christian and one of the producer guys isn’t letting him say that on his social medias. He struggles with making a choice- staying true to God and keeping his family close, and getting married. Or being sucked into fame and full of the “bad” world and choices. For someone like me who wanted to be rich and famous one day (who doesn’t??) this book really stood out to me and changed my mind and perspective on that way of living. I totally recommend this book!

Now lets get on with the nail polish 🙂

winter nail colours 009#2 Essie- Good As Gold. I like this one because gold matches with just about anything. I also love Essie’s nailpolish brushes.

FYI these magazines are not recent; they just matched the colours 🙂

winter nail colours 019

#3 OPI-. I am slightly obsessed with maroon (you might have noticed on our Instagram feed) so this colour is perfect for me! I got it in a mini sample bottle so it wont last long 🙁 but I wore this on my nails especially around Christmas time-which feels like forever ago!

winter nail colours 004

#4 Ulta- Holiday Blue. I decided to go for this colour because it is dark but still adds a pop of colour to your hands. I have gotten many compliments on this colour and love the Indigo colour.

winter nail colours 030

#5 Essie- Jamaica Me Crazy. For a girl who loves pink and sparkles this is my go to colour all year round. I decided to include this in my winter favourites because I think that it is fun for parties, everyday outfits and because spring is only a few months away. I do have a TON of cute pastel nail-polishes though, that I will be happy to share with you around March.

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xoxo Marley


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