6 Cute Shoes

Shoes are something that I really love. From heels to runners, from sandals to boots I love them all. If I could buy every shoe that I wanted I would be broke and also have no where to put them all. Today I want to share some of my favourite shoes that I own and give you some tips on how I would wear them.DSC_0054

Pair #1


These are probably my favourite pairs of shoes right now. They are so cute and different. I got them from a website called nastygal. When I first got them they hurt to walk around in but once I wore them a few times and broke them in they were good to go. I would normally wear these shoes with my black jeans. These shoes are really workable though. In the future when it isn’t as cold I will probably wear them with dresses and skirts too.I can’t think of anything that would not go with these shoes.

Pair #2


These would be the boots that I have had the longest in my “collection.” They are a pair of Steve Madden combat boots. I wear these boots with skinny jeans or leggings, pants that are not loose or baggy. I even started wearing them with black pants which is crazy since normally black and brown do not go well together. They are super comfortable since they are leather and form to your feet. They look really worn because I didn’t take proper care of them at first but then ended up liking the look of them.

Pair #3


Ok guys, these sandals are my all time favourite. I got them from American Eagle. They are such comfortable sandals and I wear them in the summer all the time. This is because I get bored of just wearing flip flops all the time. I wear these sandals with everything, literally everything. I wear them with dresses, skirts and even pants. Though usually I don’t wear them with darker jeans. They easily fit different feet shapes because the straps are adjustable.

Pair #4


I just bought these boots recently and I am in love with them. They are knee high black boots with silver buckle detailing. I like to wear them with leggings and skinny jeans. These boots are also from Steve Madden since I liked my other boots from there so much. I am so excited to try more styles with them and blog about that but right now those are my favourite pairings.

Pair #5


I have just got to say; best, runners, ever. For the longest time I did not enjoy wearing runners. I thought that they were chunky and not fashionable. Then I saw the nike running shoes that are all over Pinterest. I got a pair that are similar and I love them. They are super light weight and comfortable. I wear my runners with leggings or workout shorts most of the time. Since they are black and white they match with almost anything which is nice.

Pair #6


Last but not least I have my Birkenstocks. A few years ago my mom got a pair and I always thought they were for older people and not in style, but how quick style changes. This last summer they were my most worn shoes. There are so comfortable and they give your feet good support. I wear my birks with shorts or jeans most of the time. I would defiantly recommend investing in a pair because they are heaven on your feet.


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