Vienna’s 2015 Favourites


I know that it’s already been 2016 for a few weeks but I am still reminiscing on all of the stuff that happened last year. I would have to say that 2015 was a great year filled with things like blogging that have given me experiences i would have never even dreamed of and that has something to do with all of you so I just want to say thank you. Since 2015 has come to a close I want to share some of my favourite things.

My 2015 favourites:

-White Peppermint Tea

-Snowman bath jelly

-Pink Friday perfume

-Frends headphones

-Triangl bathing suit

-3 Seed Sweet Potato crackers

-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


-Fit Me foundation

-Pearl earings

-Bad Gal lashes mascara

-Khiels face scrub

-Cinnamon Dolce flavouring

-Nike training runners

-Inside out

-Age of Adeline

-Vanilla ice cream

-Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

-Hello by Adele


-False lashes mascara

-Essie nailpolish in Fiji


-Black floppy hats