Hey guys! Welcome back to BasicBloggerss and happy 2016 🙂 I hope your 2015 year was as great as mine! I had such an eventful year: going to Africa and Mexico for missions, creating this blog with Vienna, spending tons of time with friends and family, more traveling, and getting my braces off! I was looking around online and magazines and lots of other bloggers were telling their goals for the new year so I thought I would be basic (hence our name) and join in the trend. I know that in last weeks post I said that I would have a fashion post up this week but I thought this was more appropriate to start off the new year so you’ll see it next week!

Carte de vœux - Lucille Michieli

  • Spend more time with God praying, reading and listening. I am working on reading the Bible in a school year so I started in September and hope to finish in June and so far I have kept up! Click here for a Bible reading plan <3  Bible Gateway also has a great variety of reading plans. Good luck the Bible does have some challenging chapters to read!
  • Have a better social life. Our generation is so focused on social media and this year I want to spend more time with REAL people (not that people on social media aren’t real). I want to live life in the present and enjoy the little moments.
  • Be healthier. I am a runner so I do have track practices 3x a week but I want to eat healthy regularly. I enjoy Pilates and smoothies and I would already say that I live a healthy lifestyle but I have a hard time saying no to sugar and chocolate…
  • Get baptized and be a light. Over the past few years both Vienna and our other best friend got baptized and I really want to!! You might ask why I haven’t just gone for it, but it is kind of scary making a testimony and reading it aloud. Comment down below if you have been baptized! I also want to be a light for my friends that don’t know Jesus.
  • Get a job. I am turning 16 and cannot wait until I can work at my local mall in one of my favourite clothing stores to get discounts! Pray that I get accepted please <3
  • Get my drivers licence. After my birthday I will also go to take my L test AHH I’m so nervous!! I hear that it’s mostly comment The year of me - this year I will make time for me. This year I will move, nourish, believe, repeat. #lornajane #myactiveyearsense and you can get the ICBC app to help you study so Ill try that and tell you how it goes.
  • Save money. Hi I’m Marley and I’m a shopaholic… I have a serious shopping addiction and struggle to keep money in my wallet. Seriously-I need help. I want to save up for a car (unless I get one for my birthday hint hint mom and dad) and I also want my own Macbook so I better start putting money away! I have a routine whenever I earn money, 60% goes to spending, 10% goes to church, 10% goes to another organization of my choice and 20% goes into my bank account. I think this is a great way to save and give money to others and I always feel good because I know I haven’t spent ALL my money hahaha.
  • Focus on blogging. My personal life is super busy and I am obsessed with Instagram so you’ll see me on @basicbloggerss pretty much everyday! I want to focus more on blogging like taking lots of pictures and making good posts for you guys. But sometimes your camera won’t upload and you need a little break am I right bloggers? I also want to make new friends on the internet and hep our blog grow <3 Comment below and tell us on Instagram what you want to see on BasicBloggerss this year!!! We will still stick to posting Tuesdays and Saturdays if you were wondering 🙂

  This is the year I will be stronger, braver, kinder, and unstoppable. This year I will be fierce.:










Thank you so much for reading! What are your goals for this year?


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