My Christmas Gifts and Traditions

It is so sad that Christmas is past now, but I hope you all had an amazing holiday! After hearing lots of talk, and people asking me, I thought I would tell you my family’s traditions and a few of my favourite items that I got.

christmas 2015 gifts 008

On Christmas eve, my 2 sisters and I open 1 present from our parents (always pajamas) and then we give each other gifts. At end the day we eat nachos while watching the Nativity Story.

On Christmas day, we wake up and open stockings then head out to breakfast with my grandparents and cousins. After that, my family of 5 goes up to Hemlock to ski for the day! We do this every year and absolutely love the snow 🙂

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have 3 Christmases. One with my mom’s side, one with my dad’s side and another with just my immediate family. Here are a few of my favourite gifts. (I have tons of other gifts that I love but I couldn’t take a picture of everything!) Click here for a few more gifts I got and some of Vienna’ 2015 gifts 001

I actually won this watch from a giveaway at my local mall! It is from Guess and I love the colours. Yes these are my real glasses and the ring holder is a gift I bought for my sister from Charming Charlie. The necklace is a personalized gift I got from my uncle and aunt from iEngravedit. The charms inside are a cross, pink pearl, BLOG and a purse that says I love shopping. The pink lip-gloss is from Elizabeth Arden. I love all my gifts and if my family is reading this- thank you!!!

IMG_9684It snowed! You will see more of these pictures in next weeks post^

christmas 2015 gifts 011

If you look closely you can see my reflection in my glasses 😛 I absolutely love this shade of pink!

christmas 2015 gifts 005

You know how much I love my chunky rings!


I am loving this matte pink travel mug from Davids Tea. And its spill-proof!

christmas 2015 gifts 026

christmas 2015 gifts 024

This is my new colouring book; I have heard that it  is a great stress reliever, and who doesn’t like to colour?

christmas 2015 gifts 029

The back of my personalized necklace has my name all over it!

I hope you all have a great rest of Christmas break <3 We would love to know what you got for Christmas! Comment down below or on Instagram @basicbloggerss. See you next Tuesday! xoxo Marley