IMG_1485Sometimes the holidays can feel like they go by so slowly. Sure it is a great time to visit with family but you can’t do that all the time. Over the years I have found some ways to take care of that time in between family visits. It doesn’t matter if you have money to burn our not I hope you find these ideas helpful and try them out for yourself.

1. Find a book to read. Reading always passes time. It is like getting sucked into an alternate universe. There are more realistic styles of books or there are books that would never happen in real life. Some of my favourite books are: Paper Towns by John Green, Maze Runner series by James Dashner, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

2. Watch a Movie. I love watching movies over the holidays, especially with my immediate family.  Watching Christmas movies during the holidays really gets me in the Christmas spirit. Some of the movies my family watches every year are: Elf, Home Alone, and The Grinch. Our all time favourite is Elf and it is a tradition to watch it every year. I also love to make hot chocolate for watching movies in these cold months.

3. Play family board games. Even though my family doesn’t play a lot of board games it is a great family bonding time. It gets you to put down your electronics for a moment and start fun family memories. My top board games are: Clue, Settlers of Catan, and Apples to Apples (which might not be a board game but it is a great game to play with family.

4. Bake food. This is a great pass time and everyone is happy after when you share your yummy creations with them. Christmas time is always a great time to bust out those baking skills with all that time on your hands. If you are stuck on ideas to make don’t fret we have some delicious recipes you can look up. My favourite Christmas treat is either peppermint bark our peppermint sugar cookies they are perfect.

5. Just relax. The holidays are times to relax and enjoy the simple things in life so just grab a cup of tea and sit back.

I hope this gave you some ideas of what to do this break! I always enjoy these activities and I hope you do to! If you have other fun things to do during this holiday season we would love to hear them either on our social media or email us! Until next time xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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