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No Heat Headband Curls

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Hello beautiful people! This month my friend Rebecca, from sincerelybff, and I decided that we wanted to give our hair a break. We usually curl or straighten our hair at least twice a week and we noticed the ends of our hair was getting damaged 🙁 We came up with #noheatnovember to embrace our natural hair and try out all kinds of new no-heat hairstyles, braids and updos. Click here to see the video I watched to get these nice curls.

no heat curls 003

After you shower, with damp hair, find a headband and start at the top of your head, wrapping chunks of hair around the headband. I use Renpure’ Argan Oil shampoo and find my hair smelling amazing and feeling soft after every shower. There is no sodium chloride in their products and it is all colour safe.

no heat curls 019

no heat curls 016

Next once you have gone all the way around your head, do the same steps on the other side of your head. Once you have finished, don’t forget to tuck the back pieces into the headband! (My headband is bleached a bit from my face cream and yes I did switch sides, it was easier.)

no heat curls 021

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no heat curls 023Sleep with the headband in and when you wake up, take the headband out and you will be left with voluminous curls. I have to say that of all the no-heat curls I have tried, these have worked the best. I then sprayed the curls with hairspray to ensure that they would last all day. I prefer mid-day when the curls are looser (so if you don’t want to use hairspray then don’t.)

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