4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck

I have noticed a lot lately that turtleneck shirts are coming back in. At first I dreaded this day because when I was little I hated them. They would always make my neck itchy and I would always get super hot. Recently I surprised myself and bought 2 turtlenecks; I bought a maroon one, because it is my favourite colour, and I also bought myself a mustard yellow turtle neck. When I first saw the yellow one I questioned who would be crazy enough to wear that but, I bought it anyway. hehe. I would have to say that it is now one of my favourite shirts to wear. I hope that you find some inspiration from these looks and don’t forget to share your recreations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @/basicbloggerss!

IMG_1436The first outfit I am wearing I would consider to be a chic look. It is not totally casual but not super formal either. I wore my rubber boots because we were going to the pumpkin patch that day but you can always dress this look up with heels. I draped this scarf/shrug type thing over my shoulders so that my outfit didn’t look to dark. If you wanted you could always swap out the scarf for a statement necklace if necklaces are more your style.

What I wore:

Maroon turtleneck-Urban Planet($15)

Black ripped jeans-Top Shop($75)

Black rubber boots-Payless($25)


C2DB061B-FE6D-451D-BBA2-BC2C63F139A1Outfit Number two is something I wore to church. I don’t like wearing a fancy dress to church but I like to dress up a bit more than I would to go to school. These pieces both made me feel a little out of my comfort zone and I like that once in a while. I have started to follow this blog recently called TheMopTop on Instagram and she really inspired me to make this outfit. There are alway little ways to spice up this outfit like changing your hairstyle or adding a necklace or putting on a vest.

What I wore:

Mustard turtleneck-Urban Planet($10)

Jean skirt-American Apparel($60)

Knee-high socks-Aeropostale($13)

Combat boots-Nordstrom($75)



IMG_9825This next outfit I would consider more casual. This is something I would defiantly wear to school! It is an outfit that does not need many accessories since the pants have so many holes, it would make the outfit look busy. It is such a comfortable outfit but it looks really nice and pulled together. This outfit can also become more classy if you swap out the shoes out for something fancier.

What I wore:

Mustard turtleneck-Urban Planet($10)

Ripped jeans-Brandy Melville($25)

Maroon boots-Target($25)

IMG_9822The last outfit I put together is a really cute outfit. It is fun and super girly. I would recommend wearing this outfit to a place where you will be indoors most of the time. If not you can always pull on some tights to warm yourself up. In the back you can’t see but I am also wearing a cute little black bow in my hair to let the black flow through the whole outfit. I chose to tuck in the sweater because it helps to define my waist better but if you have a pencil skirt then letting the sweater out of the skirt is super cute too.

What I wore:

Maroon turtleneck-Urban Planet($15)

White Sweater-Aeropostale(unknown)

Black skirt-H&M($15)

Black pumps-(Unknown)

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Until next time xoxo Vienna